About us

Carly J. Mills - Designer



I always knew I wanted to be a jewelry designer. I started making jewelry when I was 10 and would sell pieces to friends and family. When I was 20, I started working with designer, Steven Hanna at Accents Jewelry in Santa Monica. From him I learned the lost wax casting technique and fell in love with it. I hand sculpt all of my designs in wax and I like to let the wax "speak to me" when I make it. I work with it instead of against it, and it adds to the fluidity of my designs. My business has been through a couple of incarnations. What started as a hobby has become my life long passion! 

My design style is influenced by life style. I grew up at the beach in Venice and Santa Monica, California. Beach living is all about casual opulence. My designs don't follow trends and fads, and are all about high quality timeless pieces that will last a lifetime!